We Are An Authorized Dealer of ELECTRIC CRUISER BIKES Made In The USA!

We are an authorized dealer of Electric Cruiser Bikes 100% made in Newport Beach, California!  They are Top Rated E-Cruiser Bike for 2018, 2019, and once again in 2020!  They are also the most popular choice for cruising around Napa Valley...but wherever you are...you are sure to love these E-bikes! We have put together some special packages and look forward to you being our customer....It is the perfect bike to cruise around on and enjoy the scenery... as the handlebars are rounded and you sit upright, with 5 pedal assist modes or even throttle only up to 28mph!  Plus, you can go 40 to 50 miles on a single charge or even choose the battery upgrade to go 100 miles on a single charge!  You will love their patented retractable cord on two of the models that allows you to plug in wherever you are and charge the battery!  The other two models have a fast SMART charger!  Buying one of these bikes from us will be one of the best decisions you have ever made...Adventure awaits!...Check these out...

Order today from your authorized dealer here at Lake Country Ranch Shop!

Here at Lake Country Ranch, we have included alarms on most of the models with no extra cost to you! That is a bonus for being our wonderful customer!  We look forward to your business and appreciate you shopping with us!

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