Specially Made Southwestern Blankets

These SOUTHWESTERN BLANKETS are truly works of art, beautiful, and fully functional to keep you warm and cozy.  They are known for being ULTRA-SOFT and for their GENEROUS SIZE.  Plus, they are a special fabulous piece that would add to the decor of any room!  They are specially HANDCRAFTED by skilled artisans and INSPIRED BY THE NATURE AND SCENERY of the surrounding area near a volcano in the Andes mountains.  They are crafted with such rich and BEAUTIFUL TEXTILES, AMAZING COLOR PALETTES, with such wonderful INTRICATE DESIGNS that you are sure to love.  The queen-size "everywhere" blankets are made so well that they come with a lifetime warranty.  These ARTISAN MADE blankets are definitely treasures to enjoy for many years to come as they are of such HIGH QUALITY and CRAFTSMANSHIP  You are going to absolutely love these as they are truly SPECIAL! Order today from us here at Lake Country Ranch!

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