Cace's Kitchen Favorites

These are the same great products as served from the famous Johnny Cace's restaurant  in Texas for many years and now prepared for you by the Cace girls at The Cace's Kitchen!  You can also now purchase The Cace's Cookbook with recipes of the long time best sellers!  We are proud to be an authorized retailer of these fine products made fresh when ordered for you...Order from us today!

For those that were long time patrons of Johnny Cace's restaurant for many years, you already know these are the BEST and will certainly bring back fond memories of many special times dining there with the wonderful relish trays!  Relish the good times!.... If you are new to these special  items, you will quickly understand how scrumptious they are and I am sure that they will quickly become one of your favorites!

These great items are perfect for sharing special times and weekends with family or friends at the lake, country, or ranch....perfect for a party...perfect for gifting, etc.

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