Handmade, Hand-Poured Candles With A Statement & Mission

We carry four different lines of candles, so hopefully you can find something that speaks to you! We have handmade eco-conscious affirmation candles where each scent is paired with an "I Am" statement to inspire a positive mindset and help empower your thoughts/reflection time, and actions. We have wonderful candles that are hand poured, long lasting, very fragrant, and come from Virginia Creamery Candle Company! We also have wonderful candles from the Feya Candle Company that are hand poured with a mission. For each candle sold a meal is provided to a child in need, as the mission states on the back of the gift box that also comes with a 10 piece match box. We have coconut wax, wood wick candles from the Glad Dog Candle Company and for every candle purchased they donate a meal to a shelter animal. My favorites are the Creme Brulee candle and the "I Am Inspired" candle with pine and thyme! What's yours? ...Give these a try!

UPDATE: We also have a new artisan line of candles, room and linen sprays, fragrance oils, car scent diffusers, and wax warmer tart melts. It is an amazing line of products. Please check them out under AMAZING HOME SCENTS collection!

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