We are a proud authorized dealer of ELECTRIC CRUISER BIKES from the ELECTRIC BIKE COMPANY.  These electric bikes are AMAZING...and they are entirely built  IN THE U.S.A. in Newport Beach, California using the highest quality globally sourced components and materials that meet EBC's high quality standards and specifications!  They are TOP RATED E-Cruiser Bikes in 2018, 2019, and once again in 2020!  Check out the Electric Bike Review!  They are the popular choice for cruising through Napa Valley and I am sure you will agree as your ride through your special area...wherever that may be-THE PERFECT BIKE TO TAKE IN THE SCENERY AND NATURE AROUND YOU!  If you do your research on electric bikes you will see that these bikes are THE ABSOLUTE  BEST in QUALITY and in every facet, including warranty, price point, and customer service from the manufacturer and the authorized dealers. They are also voted in the Top 3 Best Affordable Electric Bikes!  We are proud to be an authorized dealer!

The manufacturer has thought of every little detail and has gone above and beyond to produce a bike that is so incredibly far more outstanding than the rest and at a VERY REASONABLE PRICE POINT since it is made when ordered in the U.S.! (You are essentially getting a $5,000 bike for around $2,000!)

They are FEATURE RICH and have HAND STITCHED LEATHER grips and saddles, five pedal assist modes/throttle only option, thumb throttle, batteries that will take you from 40 TO 100 MILES ON A SINGLE CHARGE (depending on which battery with which model selected), and these wonderful bikes can take you UP TO 28 mph.  The owner of the company has even gone the extra mile to make sure these are the BEST by  purchasing 50% of the battery company that makes/designs the batteries.  They are QUALITY control from start to finish, inspecting every detail and also adding safety sensors! Their commitment to producing the best electric cruiser bike is evident in so many ways and they are here to stay, and have been around since 2014.  The bike has an awesome LCD screen with a USB port where you can also charge your phone or listen to music! The bikes, except for the X model, even COME WITH ALARMS when you order through us!  Plus, there are so MANY ACCESSORIES that can be ordered if you choose... such as PREMIUM  LEATHER saddle bags, WOOD chain guard, WOOD fenders, metal mesh baskets, music speakers, cell phone holder, helmets, and an quick mount to even carry your paddleboard, etc.  With the ROUNDED HANDLEBARS you will SIT UPRIGHT being able to enjoy all of the surrounding beautiful scenery on your rides!  There is a single speed internally geared rear hub motor with plenty of gusto for hills!  The simplistic design is more than adequate and this alleviates chain issues, etc. The PUNCTURE PROOF TIRES and HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES are also a plus!

But in case of the rare assistance that may be needed... if ever... they have partnered with VELOFIX, a nationwide bike repair and maintenance company that will come to your office, home, or wherever... if ever needed and provide service right there on the spot.  To top it off there is a 5 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY and a 10 YEAR MOTOR AND FRAME WARRANTY (which that type of warranty is just unheard of in this industry)!  It just backs up what an OUTSTANDING bike they know they have built!  It is thoroughly inspected and then delivered free and comes FULLY ASSEMBLED(unlike most other e-bikes) to your door (delivery company will call you to set up a delivery time frame).** DELIVERY TIMES VARY BUT ARE AVERAGING 4 to 6 WEEKS RIGHT NOW!

It's sharp, vintage vibe, classic design is a head turner as well! The Model S and Model C are the upgraded models, while the Model X and Model Y have more basic features. On the Model C and Model S they have a PATENTED FEATURE with a retractable cord from the battery that you can plug in anywhere to charge (like at a Starbucks, a gas station, your house, etc.) ORDER TODAY from us here at LAKE COUNTRY RANCH SHOP for the best E-Cruiser Bike for special times around the lake, country cruising, or a leisurely ride into town from the ranch....or wherever you may be...you are sure to have a grand time on this magnificent, LUXURY, extremely WELL-BUILT bike!

Be sure to check out all of the ACCESSORIES that can go with these E-Bikes! (We especially love these genuine leather saddlebags!....AWESOME!)

Order your EBC BIKE from us today LAKE COUNTRY RANCH SHOP!  We are your authorized dealer!  Whether it is for yourself or for someone else...as many have stated..."It will be one of the best gifts you have EVER  purchased!"

Check out the Electric Bike Review for the Model S:


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