ROCK GRACE...The New Wine Alternative...Crystal Energy Infused Elixir

Raise your vibe with the only premium non-alcoholic beverage, the new wine alternative, that is infused with crystal energy, beauty enhancing botanicals, and healing adaptogens that stimulate strength, grace, beauty, and love.  This amazing new generation drink combines energy, beauty, and wellness.  It is made with good for you ingredients, good vibes + love.  The energy of the crystals and fine botanicals and superherb ingredients enhance the elixir ...calming anxiety and stress while promoting mental and physical wellness and empowerment.  It helps provide a perfect ritual for relaxing at the end of a stressful day while promoting beauty and wellness.  Enjoy sipping it chilled in a wine glass... without the hangover the next day, as it is a non-alcoholic beverage!  It is an experience that simply makes you feel good and is also a new generation drink perfect for enjoying with friends as well! 

It is thoughtfully designed, created, and handmade in small batches by an award winning Seattle company called Rock Grace.  This amazing company won two World Beverage Innovation Awards in 2019, as they were the Winner for Best low-or-no alcohol drink and Winner for Best infusion or botanical drink, and I am sure they are destined for many more awards! 

It is a premium non-alcoholic beverage, non-GMO, no allergens, no artificial colors or flavors.  It is calorie free, gluten free, sugar free, sweetener free, preservative free, sulfite  free, guilt free, and negative energy free!

Give Rock Grace a try today and order from us here at Lake Country Ranch, as we are an authorized retailer of this fascinating new drink option!

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