Classico Clay Brick Humidifier

Classico Clay Brick Humidifier

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The clay brick is an essential piece of the Grotto Classico: it maintains the overall humidity to keep your cheese fresher for longer.  The piece is handmade in the US.  It is fired at the perfect temperature and porosity to provide consistent humidity levels for your cheese, between 70 to 99% relative humidity.

Product Specifications


  • Submerge the brick in water for two minutes, wipe off the bottom with a dry cloth, then place in the bottom of the Grotto.
  • Made in the USA  (Richmond, Virginia)
  • Handwash only


  • 8 inches long, 2 inches wide, 1 inch tall
  • 14 ounces


  • Hand-fired clay can break, please do not drop!