Landmark Creamery - Set of Two

Landmark Creamery - Set of Two

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Landmark Creamery makes delightful sheep and cow milk cheese that takes shape, texture, aroma, and flavor in a myriad of ways. They work directly with regional family farms around Albany, Wisconsin to make their milk blend diverse, dinctinct, and signature.

In this package, we feature a one pound piece of Tallgrass Reserve and a one-pound piece of Pecora Nocciola, both which can be purchased separately as well.

Stand them up side-by-side in the Grotto Classico, and the cheese can thrive for two months. These are the cheeses to bring to room temperature for family dinners, or for when you are feeling gluttonous and need to bake a dish of decadent mac 'n cheese.

Both cheeses fit in the Grotto Classico.  They can fit in the Fresco, but you'll have to break them down into four smaller pieces.

We'll include literature on storing, serving, and pairing the cheeses.

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